About Me

Hi, I'm Maria, self-taught makeup artist, dog lover, happy wife, sports fanatic (NY Giants, Rangers + Phillies have my heart), obsessed auntie, and taco eating, movie-watching fiend. Being the only girl in a crazy Italian family taught me two things: do all things with passion and being a girl is so much fun! These two ideals are what drive my business. It is my passion to make every woman in my chair remember how empowering being a woman can truly be. My goal is to remind you there is nothing better than feeling like the best possible version of yourself. 

Makeup started as a career for me when I entered esthetician school at the Lansdale School of Cosmetology. Excited to learn about skin care and makeup appiclation, I quickly realized makeup was the last thing on my instructor's mind. However, upon graduating my artist's appetite was whet and I wanted to learn more. Once I saw my first client's eyes light up in the mirror I was hooked! Since then it has been an honor to bring that same sparkle to many women's eyes. So let's get together and make that vision of the most beautiful and confident inner you come to life!